Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop Using Unprofessional Tactic in Event Line!

I am working in Event & Entertainment line, and as you know, all service line required good ethic & proper manner, and always give the most professional treatment to all your customers, suppliers, friends & your competitors.

You can pitch the same job with your competitors, but under fair condition given to all parties;
You can grab your competitor's customer, but without cheating and unprofessional ethic, as long as the client support you, accept you as their new service provider;
You can get competitor's rate/ proposal, but the other party have to agree/ aware you are doing this (I have some friends doing events also, so normally we will share our experience, market info, etc)

Get a new friend always better than get an enermy!!!

Yesterday, my colleague received a call from a guy called "Michael" from "Purname Burger Sdn Bhd".
Note: After check with Purname Burger Sdn Bhd, they don't have a staff called "Michael". And the manager is so angry about somebody using their company name to do such things, without thier acknowledge.

He ask for a proposal for Family Day, 600 Pax with 200 pax children, dated on 9th/ 16th August 2009, budget RM70, 000. He said this is the 1st time they organized, so ask my colleague to give him ALL details.

As normal procedure, we need to get company details. He gave us Purname Burger Sdn Bhd office address (he knows we won't go there and check) and his mobile phone.
When my colleague asked for office phone, he refused to give coz he said he will not always in office as he is a sales person running here & there.
Then my colleague asked for email address, he gave micheal_purnamaburger@yahoo.com
(is actually email not belongs to Purname Burger) and fax number 03-7880 *154.
This is where i know he is not genuine client, but someone from events company!!!
This fax number to me is quite familiar, as i worked there before!!

Therefore, i tot to give him a chance by calling him(Using my Mobile):
Me: Hello, may i speak to Michael, please.
Michael: Yes, speaking.
Me: Hi Michael, i am Micky Calling from Above Creative Events. Just now my colleague received your call, and saying that your company going to organize a family day?
Michael: Yes! (He sound so happy)
Me: May i double confirm with your company details again? Your company name is Purnama Burger Sdn Bhd?
Michael: Yes.
Me: What is your address?
Michael: errr...... you wait har, let me see my card. (Then he read the Purname Burger address, which i found it in website also)
Me: Ok.... then what is your office no?
Michael: err... my number is 03- 7785**** (Which i got it from website also)
Me: ok... may i know your fax number?
Michael: (He started feel unconfortable) I already give to him mar! (my colleague Jazz)
Me: To her. (somemore want to correct his grammar, ;p)
Michael: Oh ya, to her.
Me: so what is the number?
Michael: 03-7780 *154
Me: I tot this number is belongs to an event company called C********* Events??
Michael: (He panic) No!! is our number....
Me: Is your number??
Michael: May be i check and let you know. (He Hang up)

Few Minute later....
He called to my office (instead of my mobile).
Jazz: Good Afternoon, Above Creative Events!
Michael: Hello, C*********? (He acting call to other wrong event company although Jazz already greet when answering the phone, that C company is where he worked!)
Jazz: No. Is Above Creative.
Michael: Oh sorry har, I am Michael. u called me just now?
Jazz: No.
Michael: Someone called to my office "find" me.
(I asked Jazz transfer the line to me)

Me: Hello Michael!
Michael: Hi Micky izzit? (He explained immediately :p), i think just now i gave you the wrong fax, coz this is "very big" event, so i called to C********* Events (Where he worked), Jiggee events and creative event to get quote. May be i gave you one of the event company fax.
Me: Oh i see... (I know i am naughty but he padan muka, right? i still acting to trust him coz he still wanna continue the "story"), then what is your fax number? (Kakakakaka..... still want to ask him)
[you know what he answer??]
Michael: We currently dun have Fax number. (Just now gave me the number now said dun have &*%$$#%^($^&)
Me: Ok. Anything i will call you again. (I refuse talk to him anymore)

After that i called to Purname Burger to double check whether got this "Michael" or not. Coz i dun want myself to make such a big mistake also. Although i got 99% confidence he is not from Purname Burger.

Me: Hello, May i speak to Michael pls?
Ms Wong: Michael..... (She a bit shock) err.... who is this?
Me: I am Micky from Above Creative Events.
Ms. Wong: What is regarding?
Me: Is regarding your family day. I received a call from Michael, saying that your company going to organize a family day.(without give time for her to lie) May i know what is Michael's position in your company?
Ms Wong: err..... err.... he is not in. Can you call his Handphone? (I am confidence i am 100% right! I am sure she is Michael's fren, and she is front line to receive all calls in Purnama Office, that's why can help Michael to get quote from us)
Me: I would like to fax over a quotation, may i know what is your fax number?
Ms. Wong: Errr.... you fax to 03-7785 **** (This is Purname Burger fax which i found in website. Just now Michael said dun have fax %&%$#%$#&)
Me: Ok. Thanks!

Although i am confidence that Michael is not geniune, but being a service provider, i dun want to offend any customer, must well get some prove. Assisted by my colleague, i got Manager of Purname Burger name & contact.
I called to him to verify this "Michael", with unequivocal, he said: NO! we dun have Michael.

And of coz, he ask me what is happening. so i think as a "responsible citizen", i have my right to stop all these Unprofessional Tactic, by using other company name, address, fax to "Cheat" for a quotation/ proposal.
Today "Cheat" for a quotation/ proposal, who knows tomorrow they will use other ppl company/ personal name to "Cheat" for money or not??!!
*After that chit-chat with another event company boss, he also received a call from "Michael, Purnama Burger".

Events Management is a professional, please respect your professional, respect for others, and respect for YOURSELF.


  1. Agreed!!
    HOpefully the C********* events company dont repeat this stupid and dirty tactic again...
    This is not only wasting our time and resources but also de-grade urself and ur company name..

  2. Actually i am a bit pity that "Michael" and Ms wong also, dunno what's the punishment.
    I believe that they also do whatever order from the superior only.
    But what to do?

  3. S***! The Purname Burger's owner is "Michael" 's father! Really evil!