Thursday, May 22, 2008

DELL Inspiron 1420

I bought new laptop! DELL Inspiron 1420~

After long thought of budgeting, productivity and functional of each brand of laptop. Finally i make up my mind and bought DELL as my second laptop after stupid ACER. (sorry for my word)
Thanks brother's advice. (

Hopefully she will accompany me for longer time and assist me earn much money!!


Birthday wishes~ Peaceful world...

Turn 26! OMG, i am getting............. old?? no..... is matured! haha~

Nicklas, Elton, Joe, Vanessa, & Jasmine were celebrating my birthday on eve, 20th May 2007 at KLCC.

They are so sweet and quietly prepare my favourite cheese cake as a surprise for me!!

i was actually not really has a good mood to celebrate birthday as, my ACER laptop was breakdown due to the mother board over-heated. After meet up with them, i feel so relax and cheerful! that's why, frens are important! :p

This few days i was running up & down to call ACER, to get assistant from frens, then after that decided not to repair because the cost is not worth.
After all, i bought a new laptop (DELL) on my birthday! Hehe~

I hope the year of 26 in my life will full of color, happiness, and healthiness.

Thanks darling Nick, Joe Joe, Elton ton, Vanessa, and Jasmine for celebrating wit me..
Thanks my dear frens and family, your calls, your sms, your wishes, your present and everything.
For this special day, i would pray for the world ~ A Peaceful World~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Launch of WWW.MICKYNG.COM has launched on 13 May 2008.

Thanks my brother siak hooi to help me on this ( or

This website will basically jot down what i been doing, or what my plan is.

it will also records my every moment of sweet, exciting and happy memories.

so guys, please visit my website frequetly, and you will find it interesting!