Monday, August 31, 2009




Friday, August 21, 2009

Pork, i want pork!

Last Sunday went to KL for Brunch.
This Kopitiam is quite unique and everything sell like hot cake!
We waited at outside for more than 20 min only got place to sit.
A normal Kopitiam, selling nice chicken chop, pork chop, Hai Nam Mee, Hokkien Fried mee, Pork slice, home-made cake. And everything seems like so nice.

Location: Behind Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

Cempedak Goreng

Sister came my house last week, brought a cempedak from her house.
After she went home, i goreng the cempedak myself.
First time doing it, taste not bad. :p

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CSL Malaysian Made Mobile Phone

I was doing event for JCI (Junior Chamber International) for thier CYEA (Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards) on 1st August 2009 at Sunway Resort & Spa.

CSL was one of the winner for that particular award. Being a sponsor for that event, they sponsored some handsets, therefore i got a very special price for purchasing a handset from CSL.

CSL Swarovski crystal phone
In a nice box

Full set

The phone so far so good, just that look a bit fragile.... :p

Thursday, August 13, 2009


不久前被人抄了Event Ideas, 现在连MSN title 也被抄!
我真的开始欣赏我自己,不知可以卖idea为生吗?? 哈哈!


Waiting for client....

Jazz & myself waiting clients at Hotel lobby.....
Time flies and we are calculating 5 min.... 10 min.... 15 min..... 30 min.....


Cheap price with Cheap Look VS Reasonable price with Class Look! :p

I lost a deal last 2 months because of pricing.
In fact i was given my best rate, and almost "selling big bao" to that company!
I wonder why the other company who get the deal can offer at so low price. so i make a visit to that event.

Before visiting to that event, i still feel guilty and unhappy, as i tot people out there are so capable, can offer good price to my client and therefore made me lost the deal.
After visiting the event, i feel so relax and "guilty-free"!

Know what?? The production is so low quality and ugly.
That event is involve minister, datuk, datin & some overseas candidates, we supposingly to give them better quality production.
Therefore, i am sure that after that event the client dare not take those "low cost" production anymore!
I curi-curi snap a pictures of a photo board at foyer area. :p
Normally we will do side cover with wood panel (c/w black paint) and back covered with black cloth. So people wont see the structure at the back. Especially it is put at the center of foyer, people are mingle around and everybody can see at back view.
This production house they just simply put 2 tongs of sand with dirty barrel for back support. and never covered it with anything!
I will accept it if it is just a kindergarten sport days, or provided for me is free...
Else, no way!
Somemore it is an "International" event.... :p

Long tim no see! :p

It is quite sometime i never step into my blogger room.
Busy for events, busy for strategic planning, busy for FB :p
The economy is a bit recover now, while the A H1N1 is become worst!
It is thoroughly affected our event line, as well tourism related company.
A lot of my frens were complaining can't survive without sales...
Ya, it's quite a hard time for us to face, but we have to!
I believe with our passion and spirit towards our job, there is nothing impossible!