Thursday, August 20, 2009

CSL Malaysian Made Mobile Phone

I was doing event for JCI (Junior Chamber International) for thier CYEA (Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards) on 1st August 2009 at Sunway Resort & Spa.

CSL was one of the winner for that particular award. Being a sponsor for that event, they sponsored some handsets, therefore i got a very special price for purchasing a handset from CSL.

CSL Swarovski crystal phone
In a nice box

Full set

The phone so far so good, just that look a bit fragile.... :p


  1. Is it a good phone because I'll be getting it soon.
    Does it use a polyphonic or realtones?
    What about the battery life?

  2. It is quite convy for me as i need a phone that can take 2 sim cards.
    It use realtones, mp3 & mp4.
    Battery can last for 2days if not heavy usage.
    Enjoy your new phone!

  3. Sorry I have another question,
    can it record video, if can, how long?