Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Dell Experience 3

June --- Marry ----Dashan --- Chin Leong --- Patricia --- Benjamin --- Darshan (again) ---May Ong

Dunno can pull back the appraisal letter sent earlier?? :p

My Dell Experience 2

After the incident last 2 week, LAST WEEK, my laptop die again....
Blue Screen, cannot start windows, bla bla bla...
i was so sad and feel unhappy.
Therefore, i called back to Dell again, report the issue to one of the Technical support, Darshan, and she help me up to check the problem.
and finally, we Fix the problem by re-format again the laptop.
But this time, i am already backed-up all info in laptop, so not much issue incured.

so that evening, i re-installed everything into my laptop, and it's work quite well.
suddenly, the windows pop-up ask me to update, and of coz i click on YES.
then my laptop restart, and Shit! it was blue screen again!!!!

i was angry this time, so darshan ask me to insert the operating system CD, and check my hard disk & software thoroughly this time.
i asked Drashan whether can get technician on site to assist me but she said not, coz is not hard ware problem....
So, DELL on site warranty is not always available.........

I learned a lesson here: although is black & white terms & conditions, but sometimes they can twist their words to make the warranty not available for some issue...

After a while, only check the hard disk, my laptop run normally again.
so i dun care so much this time. use my laptop like always.

The next day morning, when i turned on the laptop, Gosh!!!! it was blue screen again!!!
i felt like crying coz nobody can help me!! even though is DELL!!!

Soooo, i called to DELL again, this time a guy called Chin Leong helping me.
He answered the called, then told me: "sorry miss, if blue screen, you have to re-format your laptop."
This time, i am very angry, and raised up my voice: "did you read my history reported to DELL??? how many times you want me re-format my laptop???"
Then he read my history and apologies to me for not being read my history carefully.

so he passed me to patricia. (may be becoz not happy as i was scolding him)
Patricia also cannot help me, and Darshan was not available on that time.
After their internal discussion, Benjamin answered my call, and asked me to re-check my hard disk and software, but he also cant get any solution from there.

few hours later, Darshan called me back, and she taught me step-by step to go back history record in my windows update. and found out that this happened immediately windows update.
so she told me to turned off the windows update permanently.
I asked her: how come i used other brand laptop got no such a problem in windows update?"
She replied: "DELL is like that. Always not to turn on the windows update, if not file will corrupted." :(

After that, i got no choice, to do formatting again.
When come to installing the software, May Ong helping me.
And she asked me to keep her words: "if the laptop happened same issue, i will ask technician to come and help you".

Finally...... somebody give me some promise on that headache issue......

Hopefully, my laptop being good girl.... dun naughty again...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My DELL Experience

Dear guys,
Still remember i had a bad experience with ACER laptop, and bought DELL as my second laptop??
During my purchasde the DELL, the sales man did wrong partition for me.
Instead of bigger D Drive, he did D drive only 10gb, and the rest of 150 gb is on C drive.
i am not used to it, so decided to format it and re-partition.
My fren helps me to format and re-install everything.
After few days, i found that it is not stable and suddenly whole screen black-out.
when on it back, appear "NTDRL is missing" and nothing can do further.
That day is on Sunday.
On monday morning, first thing came to office, i make a call to DELL, the technical support (JUNE) guide me step by step to solve the problem.
With my special request (cannot format D Drive coz got important file in it), she was very friendly and patience help me go through.
Firstly, we tried to restore file to previous date (b4 the problem), but cannot;
secondly, we tried to delete an unallocated partition, also cannot;
(at this time, she told me if rellay cannot then have to take out hard disk and place it on external har disk case, then format it. For a computer idiot like me , i am so afraid to do so, and donno how to do it also)
finally, she guide me to re-partition myhardisk, and resolve all problem for me...
i am so happy and thanks her like nobody. kakakaka...
and she told me the problem occured may be becoz the sequence of formatted and installation of software is not properly or correctly.
BUT, the story is not end yet....
Of coz, after formatted, i have to re-install everything.
come to the driver and utilities, i consufe again...
Remember... i am computer idiot!so many things to install, donno which to install and which shud not!!!
Then i call again to DELL.This time is Marry help me through.
Step by step, install audio, sound, webcam, bluetooth, wireless, bla bla bla...
almost come to the end, my webcam manager CD not work properly, so again,she is patiencely using GoToAssist (*something she can connect and control my mouse and keyboard) and help me install EVERYTHING!haha....
after all, i send an appraisal letter to their department, to praise June & Marry! My Dell working like normal again, help me earn lot lot money again! :p