Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Digi Ambassador Plan

My brother is currently working in Digi. And as a staff benefit, we entitle to sign-up for "Ambassador Plan".

I had try many times to sign-up for this plan, but due to some problem (server down, that counter dun offer this service, DIGI staff/ dealers dunno about this plan, etc). I was only able to sign-up this morning after dragging from 2 months ago.

This morning i was woke up early in the morning, went to SS2 Digi (Coz Metro Prima Digi server down for more than 2 weeks already) transfer my Maxis Line (Under Nick name) to Digi.
Digi found out that Nick still got some issue haven't settle in Celcome since 3 years ago. (Somebody rent his IC to create account)

We thought of to speed the process, may be we can transfer Maxis line from Nick to my name.
So we decided to TTDI Maxis.
Maxis staff told us we have to pay for RM100 (RM50 each line) for ownership transfer fee.
But it is pay for nothing, just for the TRANSFER only!
So we decided not to transfer.

After that we went Celcome to find out the problem and solve the problem on the spot.

And went back to DIGI again. Finally my Ambassador Plan registered succeefully!
BUT (a big BUT), still not activated, have to wait for 24 hours.... Hopefully it can be done, coz i really tired to run up & down to settle the phone line issues.

Why Malaysia dun have One-Stop solution for phone line registration?
Maxis, Celcome or Digi should have one...
If not U Mobile or XOX can do also, i am sure will support you.... :p

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