Thursday, September 10, 2009

Penang Food

We went back Penang during Merdeka.
Ate a lot of nice food and found 1 nice Char Koay Teow!!
Located at Valdor Lorong 10, together with Ah Yao Laksa.
Within that 4 days, we ate twice of Laksa, and twice of that Char Koay teow...
Char Koay Teow, without Sea Ham, tambah pedas!
Laksa, kut teow (means smooth laksa mee, not rough one), add Heh pia (prawn biscuit)

Er ge & Voon enjoying their Laksa & Char Koay Teow.

Is mine!


  1. Wow... That stall's char koay teow very nice one lor... =)

  2. ya.... is at Valdor Lorong 10. The shop famous with Penang Laksa. But i found char kuoy teow also nice... *Slurp*

  3. I'm not so into laksa... So i have no idea... =P But char kuoy teow super duper nice.... Hehe...

  4. Wow!! SLURP SLURP ^^ My saliva is dripping now! You are also fond of Valdor Lorong 10 Laksa!! Me too!! Gimme FIVE!!!!Call me shall you have any extra time to meet me up and let's continue our topic! Welcome back and HAPPY HOLIDAY!! :D:D

  5. Arrgg... These photo make me miss Penang laksa and char koay teow..... :'(