Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KFC Trick

Me & colleague went KFC for lunch.
Then my colleague wanna try out the new product, which have big banner outside. Showing BIG PRAWN in GIANT SHRIMP STIX.
Wthout considering, he ordered one set.

When the cashier pass him the plate, we don't know whether is she kidding with us, or she took the wrong things.....


Yeah.... this is business tricks...BUT isnt that TOO MUCH difference from the picture and the actual size ??

no matter what angle i look at the "SHRIMP STIX", there is no way it will be BIGGER than the CHICKEN.. ok fine, at least it is MUCH BIGGER than coleslaw!!



  1. Hi Micky, I'm Nelson. just saw the commend that you leaved at My Toilet. Hehe... We're in the same line ler... I'm also doing events ler... But just a few years lar... You're my 前辈 dy... Hehe... Anyway, nice to know you... I'm following ur blog now... Hehe... =)

  2. Wow... just realise you have so many blog... so hardworking to maintain har?? =P

  3. Hi Nelson, thanks for follow my blog.
    Ya, we are at the same line, but i am also 5 years experience only.
    I am quite lazy to maintain blog, sometimes u can see one month only 1 post.
    You know lar, event people.... :p
    You from penang rite? me too.

  4. Yeap... From Penang... That means you work in KL lor??? Wow... good ler...