Thursday, November 13, 2008

3R Concept ~ REuse, REcycle, REduce

Due to global warming alert in our environment nowadays, it is very important for us to practise 3R concept, there are: REuse, REcycle & REduce.

By changing our little behaviour in daily life, infact, it helps a lot!

Am here would like to share how i practising it in my daily life...

1. REDUCE plastic bag usage, bring shopping bag when do grocery shopping

2. if it is just a small thing, ask the cashier no need put in plastic bag, put in my own handbag

3. If there is a need to use plastic bag, keep it, and REUSE it as rubbish bag :)

4. REUSE the waste paper, if it's only printed one side, can REUSE it as scrap paper, or printed the other side

5. If both page been printed, put it together with old news paper for RECYCLE

6. After consumed Can drink, dun throw it into rubbish bin. Bring it back for RECYCLY purposes

7. Bring your own chopstick and spoon, dun use disposable wood chopstick

8. Bring water bottle, instead of buy mineral water

9. if no choice, have to buy mineral water, REUSE the plastic bottle, by use it as coin bank or something else

10. Dun waste food, water, electricity, etc.

So tell me what you can do for this mother earth.

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